Do you want to mad him? Say one of these ten more words!

Are you at the beginning of a relationship or a flirtation? Have you already had a relationship for a long time and want to renew it? See the 10 words that will mute your other half!

“This song reminds me of you” : This guy will make your Amore think for hours or even for days the lyrics of the song. Moreover, whenever he listens to this song he will think you out and this is very positive at the beginning of a relationship.

“Guess What I Think …” : The key to a successful message is to create a debate and a message like this will surely create a debate. So he preferred this message instead of the classic “I Imagine Nudity” that can confuse the object of your desire and not know how to answer.
“I bet you would like to share a pizza together right now” : Connect this message with a picture of yourself eating a piece of pizza. Make sure your photo is pretty sexy.

“Yesterday you made an appearance in my dream” : Whatever you answer, do not tell him what you saw in dream … better let him imagine different.

“How was your day; I just came home and finally relaxed … ” : This message is ideal at the beginning of a relationship that you want to show your new partner that you care for it without any sexual innuendo.

“Stop being distracted. I have a lot of work?) ” : Usually men want what they can not have. So if you send them a message that shows you that they get you out of your job they’re sexy but at the same time it shows you have a full-time job and a life other than that.