Why does a man say ‘no’ to sex?

One of the main reasons for removing the man from the erotic play is the presence of sexual dysfunction, such as difficulty in obtaining and / or maintaining his erection or premature ejaculation. The man is afraid to be exposed once more in the eyes of his partner but also to himself and … avoids erotic contact.

2. Mental and physical tiredness
Many hours of work, acute and constant work stress, lack of recognition in the working environment, and the difficulty of coping with its daily costs and its basic needs – time stamps – are further reasons for removing one man from the bed influencing his erotic desire.

3. Unemployment and personal frustration
The fruitless attempts to find work, the continuous “no” and the subsequent frustration of his aspirations and aspirations negatively affect a man’s self-confidence, poisoning his erotic mood and leading him to a sexual as well as emotional isolation.

4. Problems in the relationship with his partner
Here we come across a situation of reduced sexual desire, in which the man does not want to express himself in love with his partner although he still has an erotic desire for other women.

An emotional trauma, such as a companion’s infidelity, or even a poor communication quality in the relationship where criticism, moaning, rejection, verbal aggression, frequent tensions and clash are the main reasons why a man will say “no” to sex.

A man’s sexual desire is strengthened through the image of a loving, affectionate companion that creates sexual interest and a willingness to play erotic with her. Through my clinical experience, I notice the sexual removal of a man by the woman who criticizes him, reduces him and attacks him verbally. So it’s worthwhile wondering if what drives him out of your bed is your behavior!

5. Depression – Feeling disturbances Feeling
disturbances, with more frequent and major depression, affect centrally the sexual desire of the man, while in the symptomatology of depression – in the initial stage – we find the reduction in the sexual mood of the person for involvement in any sexual activity but also the absence of fantasies. If you notice changes in mood, appetite and sleep, if you have negative thoughts and no longer have any mood to play erotic, talk openly about the possibility of being in a (pre) depression stage. 

Remember:  If your partner has been sexually removed, do not rush to make conclusions and make “noisy” about this change in your erotic life. Without pressure and demand, approach eroticism and show him your mood to touch him, play with him, enjoy your sexual intercourse, which can be a real refuge in a psychopausal and aggravated mental period. 

If the image of your sex life continues to get worse, talk to him! Try with genuine interest to understand what has changed and – most importantly – how you could together develop this vital field of your love affair.