Do you want to be a boy? Read what Dr. Thanos Paraschos!

The caloric intake and eating habits of women at the time of conception can influence the gender of the child as shown by recent research by the Oxford and Exeter British Universities. We asked Dr. Thano Paraschoc, Fertility Specialist, Director of EmBIO Assisted Reproduction Center , to tell us more.

Mr Paraschoc, can nutrition affect if a woman conceives a baby girl or a baby boy?

Survey findings have shown that slightly more chances to give birth to a baby show women consuming enough calories. On the other hand, those who make a diet and usually skip breakfast are also more likely to give birth to a girl. Women who want to capture a boy should therefore hire over 2500 calories, as well as foods rich in potassium and salt at the time of conception, which, according to some research, increases the chances of giving birth to a boy of 50%. 56%. This is because the pH of the vagina becomes more alkaline and so the Y chromosome sperm survive, which if the egg is fertilized, a baby will be born. Y chromosome sperm cells are considered less resistant to the acidic environment of the vagina. Instead, if women hire fewer calories and eat a lot of dairy products, the pH of the vagina becomes more acidic and they have the same little increased percentage of getting a girl. This is what the survey showed. However, if you want my personal opinion on this, I will tell you that there is little increase in the odds for one or the other sex.

Do sexual intercourse at certain days of the cycle affect the sex?

According to this theory, Y chromosome sperm cells are lighter and faster than those with X, but less resistant to the acidic environment of the vagina. Based on this finding, chances for a boy increase if intercourse becomes too close to ovulation. If you ask me if this method works, I will tell you that the statistics show that it is not.
Can intercourse at certain attitudes play a role?

Here, too, some people are based on the finding that sperm Y chromosomes are small and vulnerable, whereas those with the X chromosome are larger and more resistant. Consequently, sex in the missionary posture, which releases them away from the uterus, increases the chances for a girl as the sperm has passed through the alkaline environment of the vagina, possibly damaging the sperm with the Y chromosome. And in this case the statistics are not confirmed in the sex selection during the conception, depending on the couple’s sexual attitude.

Can IVF Contribute to Gender Selection?

None of the techniques mentioned above can be effective and reliable for gender selection. IVF is a unique and scientifically proven method. It is feasible, but it is allowed in our country only to prevent the transmission of sexually linked hereditary diseases, such as haemophilia and Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which occur mainly in boys.

How does sex in IVF work?

By the method of preimplantation genetic diagnosis , carried out in the process of IVF . Three or five days after IVF, cells are removed from each embryo and undergo genetic analysis. Embryos of the desired sex are then implanted in the uterus. This avoids the possibility of bringing the baby into a disease that is inherited mainly in boys.
Dr. Thanos Paraschos, Obstetrician-Obstetrician Surgeon, Specialist in Extracorporeal Fertilization and Endoscopic Surgery