Does it pixie or not to pixie? The eternal question of boys’ hair has just become a little … more difficult!

We’re all flirting with the boy’s haircut at some point in our lives. Even just for a little while, those days that we just can not take care of our hair. The boys’ haircut, the pixie cut, is super stylish and too feminine in contrast to what you can believe. Also, the pixie cuts give us a lot of styling options as dozens of dignitaries have proven it. Today, with this rain, the frizz, the cold and the … Deuterilla, we kiss with the boys’ haircut more than ever and our celebrities got even more confused. You see, the boy’s haircut is a huge decision and he wants a great deal of commitment. But when we see haircuts like those of the following stars, then impulses get caught. But we decided to calm ourselves,