Best Workouts for Flat Belly!

When our goal is to lose weight, the first area that comes to mind is that of the abdomen. Besides, there is no better motivation than to fit into your favorite jean that you have to wear for years. So there are some small secrets, like some types of workouts that you have to incorporate into your routine if you want to get sexy abs.

1. Use gradient in the treadmill to increase up to 50% burning of calories. If you prefer outdoor exercise, it preferred places uphill. Make high and low speed rotation for greater results.

2. Use the rowing machine. So, not only will you burn calories, but it’s an exercise that trains the muscles to the legs, arms, shoulders and trunk.

3. Put HIIT into your life. High intensity break-through training promotes maximum fat burning. After 10 minutes of warm-up do 30 seconds of intense exercise, then relax your rhythm and then again more intense. In intense exercises you must target different parts of the body.
4. Strengthen the “plank” exercise using a Bosu Ball. Trying to keep balance, your body activates all the muscles of your belly, your torso strengthens and your metabolism is enhanced.

5. Spend more weights by shortening breaks between sets to keep firing even after your training. Just make sure you do not overdo it. If you can not withstand weight and breaks, and if you belong to the beginners, consult the trainer.

6. Do 45 ‘- 60’ fast walking a day. It sounds simple, but it can do wonders in your silhouette. It reduces cortisol levels, relieves stress, while exercising your whole body.