3 “golden” rules of fitness that will change your body

There is the possibility of sweating for hours at the gym, but not seeing a big difference in your body, which disappoints you and makes you nervous. So you’re wrong. See what 3 ways you should follow to see results, according to experts.

1. Evaluate your attitude. The time has come for you to wonder if what you are applying lately can change your body. There are 3 criteria that indicate that gymnastics is attributable to your body: you need to sweat, you need to raise pulses and feel slightly caught the next day. If you do not feel any of these, then you need to change the rhythm and schedule.
2. Be consistent in the days, the intensity and the way you are at work. Do not expect to see results if you do intensive gymnastics for a week and the next you relax. You have to follow the same rhythms systematically to begin to change your body.

3. You must use resistance to the exercises , whether they come from weights or from balls, tires and other sports gear. In this way you will strengthen your muscles and increase the muscle mass in order to see transformation in your body.