So you get skin ready for the red carpet in 5 days!

The biggest celebration of the cinema and … unofficially of fashion and beauty, comes on Sunday. The reason, of course, for the awarding of the Oscars, is what we are looking forward to every year! We are fascinated by the outfits and the beauty of the stars, but most of all, we admire their impeccable skin … But how can we think of the skin in so much shine and so much makeup you will be wondering. But without a good base, no look does not appear as it should. The beautiful skin improves every look 100% and we have the way or rather … the ways to make your own skin red carpet ready for only 5 days. Here goes…

# 1 Very water! 
Skin hydration begins first from inside and water is your salvation. Even if you feel like drinking enough water, increase the amount you drink and notice a difference immediately!

# 2 Hydration Once
again we will tell you now but from the outside to the inside. A good cream for your face is good! The best, proven and proven results are Eva Belle day cream SPF 15 . It provides you with the necessary moisturizing that the skin needs during the day while also promoting regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, activating the mechanisms of fine line repair and deep wrinkles. In short, it works to your advantage all day and protects you from the sun.

# 3 Good Sleep
It can look like an 8-hour dream … a delusional dream but relaxation is a and ω (after hydration) for a really healthy skin that radiates from the inside out. So try to rest as much as you can. If you can not sleep for many hours, make sure your sleep is of good quality so shut down the cell phone and the TV while you are asleep.

# 4 The Secret Weapon
All well with your water, cream and sleep but we are talking about red carpet ready skin in 5 days and as you realize you need a little extra help. You will find her at the Eva Belle Boosters! These are the magic drops that are combined with day cream or your makeup and work intensively to refresh or detoxify your skin. In particular, Eva Belle Detox Booster detoxifies and revitalizes the damaged skin, restoring its shine. The Eva Belle Restore Booster gives a uniform tone and improves the look of the skin. You can use both interchanges for maximum results.

If you follow the above steps, your skin will not have to envy any of the shiny skins of the stars and we sign it to you … we and InterMed!