These are the secrets of the right lighting for the house!

Do you think lighting in your home is just so you do not miss your way in the dark? There are so many secrets to light even you have to learn!

A bad habit of most is that they do not understand lighting as part of their decoration. When we say lighting, we do not mean light sources, of course, because we are sure that there are lamps in one way or another. As expensive, luxurious or luminous as it is a lamp, it will never be able to perform properly if you do not use it properly.

What you should always be aware of is the way you use your luminaires and the direction in which you turn them.

A photography manager, for example, in a theatrical performance or in a movie does not do what his title you think he betrays. The Photography Director is responsible for the lighting of each scene. It is he who with light will write each scene separately. It is he who passes through the light or will create to the viewers any unique feeling of the work they are watching.

Compare the two photos below and see the differences that occur, changing only the kind, color and intensity of the light.

In the first photo, the two similar light fixtures located almost above the sofa as well as the spotlight on the back left of the image have incandescent lamps and give a warm atmosphere in the room. But there is also a diffused lighting in the whole space produced by another ceiling lamp that is higher than the rest and has fluorescent lamps giving a blue light output. All this combination of luminaires and the different color temperatures (ie, light color rendering) produced by the lamps give a luminously balanced result, with emphasis on detail.

On the other hand, in the second photo, which lacks diffused lighting with the ceiling light, fluorescent lamps and blue light output, the space becomes more atmospheric while focusing on specific points of the room.